Project "Junction"

Hello. Tell me, please, in the project “Junction” you just need to follow the instructions and make a style in a sample using Bootstrap special classes for menus, etc.?
When I just follow the instructions, you can see that there is a big difference.

could you give some more detailed information to your utterance’s
with some code as example


Yes, with projects you can follow along the instructions and make it as close to the example as possible (as a challenge)

But there’s no rules, you can explore and make it how you want :slight_smile:

If you need help with a specific question/part, then paste in the code and what you don’t undersatnd

Здравствуйте. Мой вопрос касался метода следования инструкциям. Или подробнее, как их выполнять. Углубляться ли в изучение свойств CSS Bootstrap или медиа-запросов @media. Последняя тема не изучалась в курсе HTML и CSS, но, конечно, документация существует.

Hello. My question relates to a method following the instructions. Or in more detail, how to perform them. Delve into the study of whether CSS Bootstrap or @media media query properties. The latter topic has not been studied to date with HTML and CSS, but, of course, there is documentation.


I don’t know…
A google search
== the Book ==

== discussions / opinions ==
bootstrap using @media

The instructions do not give you all the values needed and thus it will not look the same if you only follow them. You either need to look at the example site and write your code to get an approximate match it up or use your browser web tools to look at the code on the example website to get the values you need.

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