Project: innovation cloud

I hope this is the correct section of the forums.

Any ideas how to make the link into button? I seem confused…

it is supposed to be a div and i should set width and height?

As a non-pro user, I can only guess what the lesson says…

You can make a link into a button by putting it in a div, and styling said div, or making an image button, and making that image link somewhere. Which method is used in the lesson, I am not sure…

Div’s, as a general rule, should have a set width and height, in order to manage spacing more effectively.

Hey there, tag could be styled into button quite easily: just add some padding and set background-color. Other attributes could be applied of course, such as border, border-radius, etc.

P.S. The section you used is for final project, that is your personal website :stuck_out_tongue: