Project Ideas

For reference we’re both newbies going through the data science path.

Ok, So I want to make a project with a friend I made using the discord, although I can’t find anything other than independent projects? I’m wondering if there’s anything just me and one other person could make, or should I find others to include in the project, or should I wait until we both finish the learning path to start something?
I’m curious to see what you guys and gals think :slight_smile:
Thank you all so much for helping me out with all my questions so far lol

Could you be a bit more specific? What kind of project? A data project? Or, you want to build something? What language, Python?

ya, just a basic data project.
Although for the time being, I guess it would have to be python because im currently only at 6% complete.
should we hold off on projects for now, until we’re a bit further along?

I admire the enthusiasm! :smiley:
Well, maybe wait until you learn a bit more(?) or, have a better understanding of Python and the data libraries.
I mean, it’s up to you. You could always download a csv file and load the file into Colab or Jupyter Notebook and do some EDA (exploratory data analysis) to start. You’d need to know Pandas and Seaborn or Matplotlib to do that.

There are lots of projects along the DS path as well…building on skills that you’ve learned along the way.

OR, if you’re familiar with Excel or Google sheets you could connect those files to Tableau and learn Tableau data visualization as you go along. That’s a good way to learn about EDA as well. (Look into Tableau Public.)


yah totally! I’ve played around with Tableau (just a little bit)
Lisa thank you so much for constantly messaging me back LOL I seriously really appreciate it :slight_smile: