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Hi. I have recently started learning to program. So far I’ve been following the python 3 course and a little html. Id like to build a website which runs a monty-carlo simulation and gives user the ability to input data. Id like to be able to give the results back in table and graph form. Id like to focus my learning on languages that could help to achieve this goal. Any advice would be great. As Im a complete beginner any info on how this could all be set up etc would be great. I have no idea if I need to be learning about databases? What do I need to be learning re front end stuff etc? Any help which will help me even build a picture of what Im trying to do would be very helpful. Choices/options I could choose etc. Thanks in advance

Hello @ajax0717771947, welcome to the forums. Seeing you want to build a website, I would learn HTML, CSS, then JavaScript. That should give you the ability and functionality to do what you want. But, if you’re already doing the Python course, don’t worry. If you have no time pressure, you can finish learning that (as it will help with learning JS). You should also look into learning node.JS and other JS frameworks/libraries.
I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the response. I will be needing to scrape data from websites first. Then I thought python would be a way to build the simulation? Or am I mistaken and doing it a hard way? In the data science course its goes on to do matplotlib flask and pandas. I thought maybe those would help? Do I have any options here? Im completely lost. Im sure there are different routes but to choose I need to know what they are so i can make a informed decision. In my model simulation if I want to study the results while Im working on them and also save users results do I need some sort of database? Sorry lots of questions. Time wise I would rather focus of things that will make an already ambitious project achievable in less time. Im sure I will be learning extra and having to correct course but Im going to try to minimize it as much as possible.

Hello. I don’t know the answer to all of those questions, but I will try to answer the ones I can. If you want to do webs scraping, I think Python’s Beautiful Soup can allow you to web-scrape. Pandas might also be useful, although I cannot say for sure. If you want to save user’s input for more than one time (i.e. username, etc) then yes, a database would be useful. I recommend SQL, although Pandas might help (I’m not exactly sure). You will need to work with HTML and CSS. The only programming languages I know that can do that are JS and PHP (I’ve done more with PHP, but still not as much as what your project would require).
I would recommend finishing the Python course, and learning Pandas and Beautiful Soup. Then, HTML, CSS and JS (although you could do this all in one, if you take the Web-dev path, but that requires PRO). Being able to communicate with databases would be useful, so learn SQL. There is also ‘R’, which seems to be a language used to deal with data and statistics, although you would definitely have to look into that one more, as I have only briefly dealt with it. On the PHP front, I’m not sure. It is a backend language, however, JS does have the ability to backend (node.JS, if I remember correctly) and front-end, so if you wanted to reduce your learning load, maybe not PHP.

But again, I stress that this is just from what I’ve picked up; you should look into these things more (either on Google, or other forum questions), if you want more definitive answers.
Sorry I couldn’t help more!

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At a quick Google search, here are a few websites that seem to answer your main questions:



Databases: seems useful).

Thanks for helping. Things are more clear thanks to you. Im actually on the web development course which was why i posted. It was having me start a lot of new languages which Im now less worried about. Will check out your links.

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