Project: Fotomatic


I just have to complain about this:

I wanted to send a private message to Codecademy, but I can’t find any way to do that! The lack of being proactive in receiving feedback isn’t one of Codecademy’s best features.

The complaint is that I spent at least an hour studying the first piece of text in the brief image (the “Fotomatic” title in the header), for which no style guide had been given, but which was clearly different font and letter spacing to the rest of it. I tried understanding whether it was an image in the files, a h1, until I eventually gave up at literally the first hurdle out of frustration. So then I look at the solution and the solution makes no change to the original! The solution doesn’t even match the brief! The first thing on the page was impossible to solve. Excellent.

Then on top of that I notice that the solution is full of code that hasn’t been covered in the course up to this point! For example,

“li:last-child {”,

“display: flex;
justify-content: space-around;
align-items: center;”

Furthermore, there has been no instruction so far on reset.css, although I assume it’s the same idea as putting some reset code in the of the style.css.

So all in all, I found that highly frustrating.


Does anyone at Codecademy intend on addressing these concerns?

The project is entirely ill conceived, It uses all sorts of code never covered in course materials, the actual html coding is a disaster of divitis and nested classes., and it occurs at a point when most of these features (flex boxes in particular) haven’t even been presented in their own project.

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The solution not matching the brief has really bugged me.
The tablet brief not having any clear indication of margins / font sizes was also really frustrating.
Overall just a really irritating project that I spent a lot of time on to match the brief as closely as possible only to discover that whoever created the solution clearly didn’t bother.