Project Feedback Welcomed

Although the amount of data seemed manageable, I had some difficulty coming up with the methods in a class. I really enjoyed working on this though and it seemed difficult enough. I went with Pandas dataframes because grouping by columns seemed to be desirable.

I probably spent about 3 days on and off for several hours each day. I ended up redoing my code several times because I would find a new way to shorten my code so I would delete large amounts of code and replace with much less code (you can check the history and look at the first commit haha). I would also find that I wanted new methods and functions for more statistics so I never felt done.

The link to code repo:

You have a lot of really interesting stats in your analysis! I like that you broke it up into age brackets, regions, etc., it does a lot to add to your data.

What I think this could really benefit from is some visualization using Matplotlib and Pandas. Right now, the stats and the data are there, but it lacks the actual analysis of the data. Often the most important part of being a Data Analyst is being able to communicate why the data is relevant. Graphs can help others to understand what they’re looking at and why it’s relevant. Right now, you have to read through each piece of data and draw your own conclusions. While it is good to let the data “speak for itself”, it’s also sometime necessary to provide some insight of your own.

Overall, I think you did a great job with creating a variety of analyses. You just need a little more analysis in the form of some kind of explanation of why the stats for the data is interesting. Great job though!

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