Project : Dear Diary

Hello everybody,

We have a problem with the project Dear Diary. I learn this lesson : Build Basic Android Apps With Java.
We can’t Run app. We have this message :

File ‘D:\MyandroidDiary\app\build\intermediates\merged_manifest\debug\out\AndroidManifest.xml’ specified for property ‘mainMergedManifest’ does not exist.

And the file is here:

We have Stetim94 give me this response : " that doesn’t work, that file is locally on your machine. We can’t access your machine over the internet (that would be a security nightmare) " but he doesn’t help me.
I understand but so what should i do ?

I followed the instructions given in the lesson.

Stetim94 is right. We can’t access that file, so we don’t know anymore than what the error says: in AndroidManifest.XML, there is a property mainMergedManifest which does not exists, but presumably needs to exist in order for the code to work.