Project CSS Grid: Pupspa

Hey, I currently just finished working on this project:

And, I ran into a few questions. Therefore, I decided to ask you guys through forum.

First, I am currently using Safari Browser (version 13.1). However, while I was doing the project, it seemed like the paragraphs right below the “sleeping dog image” crashed with a box of “Address, Hours and Call Us.” Even though I followed through the steps guided by the solution in the Youtube, same thing rendered. Therefore, I am wondering what is going on with this. And, if there is any way that I can fix this.

Second, I understood that there are 6 rows and 6 columns that we made for the web part of the project. I understood that the ,

have their own rows because they each are “block elements.” However, I am very confused in “how
have only one row dedicated to them?” I tried to find whether these the “class box” display were set as inline-block, but there were no code regarding this. Therefore, I am quite confused how these automatically inline in just one row.

Thank you so much for helping me out. And, hope to hear the answer soon!

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