Project: broadway; Q 9/10


If I replace the 'get "home" => "pages#home" with root "pages#home" it doesn't works
, why?


Hi @arcjumper93165,

Thanks for including the link!

it doesn't works, why?

That's very vague, could you please be a bit more specific about what you're seeing?


I get a routing error
'No route matches [GET] "/pages/home"'



root :to => "pages#home"
But still brings not the result which I want. still an error


Wrote new 'root :to => "pages#home"'


@arcjumper93165 That error is OK since you removed the route for that. Does everything work if you visit localhost:8000 (without anything at the end)?


I had the same problem. You need to remove "/pages/home" from this pseudo-browser, as in this step you've deleted it (or its path? - i don't know :wink: )


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