Project Bestbite; trying to understand how something is called

In the HTML, the banner section has a banner class called “section banner”

but is apparently styled in css by referencing a class called “banner” and “supporting”

I thought one had to use the exact names when referencing them in CSS. I’m very confused.

As in, I thought one would have to reference “h3.section banner .container” if the desired effect was to style the heading in the banner section.

You do have to use the exact name, but your div has two classes: banner and section. A element can have multiply classes.

For both .banner and .supporting, apply the following styling: text-align center and padding-top 40px. The comma in css just indicate that you want 2 (or even more) elements which need the same styling. [quote=“reginapearle, post:1, topic:21608”]
h3.section banner .container

that is not going to work, if you do that you are saying: select a h3 heading with class section, this should contain a html element banner (??) which contains a element which contains class container

Thank you for the quick response! Another question— where is “supporting” coming from in the css if the HTML does not name a class called supporting?

I have too admit i don’t know, there is no supporting anywhere in html? Maybe it will come? No one said you had to write html before css. I still want to do this exercises, but haven’t had the time yet

Thank you-- I really appreciate it!