Project "Best Bite"

Hi everyone,

I gotta say, I know it’s for our own good and that’s after getting used to it, that using Bootstrap will be a great help for us newbies developers but I must NOT be there just yet since, this project seems to be less feasible with Bootstrap than with some classic “inlineblock” stuff that I know of :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways… here’s my question guys:

as you can see below, the text in the 4th div, the text in each column is aligned to the left, like this:

Maple French
ToastRolled Oats with Berries

can you gimme a hint so that it’s perfectly “centered aligned”-length oriented as in the original frontpage? Thanks in advance.
Take care,


Hi Swiffer,

Your code isn’t currently visible, because Markdown strips out most HTML by default (for security). Please take a look here:

and follow their suggestions on how to format your code so it shows up properly :slight_smile: