Project Basta Fazoolin

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I am having trouble identifying the syntax error on line 9 for step 3 for the project basta fazoolin. The syntax seems to be the same in both columns but the error message keeps coming up, Any assistance would be appreciated . Many thanks in advance.

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You’re missing a comma after "mimosa": 10.50

You currently have a colon there.

I did fix that syntax error though the problem persists. At face value it seems to the same code as shown in the template to the left. Thank you for your prompt response.

You also have a semicolon after 'waffles'

I have fixed the error you mentioned in your last post and it seems to have got rid of the previous error message on line 9. Another error message appears “return outside the function” . I searched for this online and the explanation is the indentation could be causing the issue . Many thanks for your time.

This is why it’s better to post one’s formatted code, rather than screenshots of portions of one’s code. (there might be errors above or below what’s seen in the screenshot).

Yes, it’s an indentation error. That return belongs in a function. One thing you can do to debug code is to run smaller sections of code to see what output is produced, rather than all of it at once.