Project Bass Music, rake aborted unknown attribute

when I type rake db:seedling, I receive following message in Comand Line
rake aborted
ActiveRecord: :UnknownAttributeError: unknownatribute ‘artist’ Album

Hi @igor644,

Was the Codecademy Advisor able to help you?

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Not anyone yet
I need the best one.
But may be someone had the similar problem

Could you please post the contents of your db/seeds.rb file?


Try adding this line to db/migrate/20170927175326_create_albums.rb:

t.has_many :tracks 
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I will try of couse, but I have simething like this

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rake aborted ------ unknown attribute ‘artist’ Album

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bug was in schema
I misspell in the very beginning actor insteed artist
than change it
but in the shema.rb rhis was not changed
so uncnown atribut artist
probably program tramslate in lower laguages by the help of the schema.rb
Farish find it


This topic is solved.