Project about COdecademy

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my progress with the project about Codecademy.

Initially, I planned to spend 4 weeks on t! his 3D video, however, it’s been two months since I started spending about 35 hours a week to create a nice video about this service, haha, sounds like a full-time job.

I was a complete beginner when I started this project and now I feel like I’m Jimmy Neutron cuz I learned so many things. The full video is coming, and I really hope that the Codecademy community will like it!

Anyway, let me know your thoughts! Code safe :heart:



Can’t wait to see it, the screens look great Val.

I know nothing about video stuff, so this looks like witchcraft to me!


This is cool!
Just curious to know, which animation software are you using?

Haha! Thank you! Although this GIF really made me laugh:)


Thanks! I used Cinema 4D to create the 3D stuff, Octane to render it, Adobe After Effects to add a person in the final shot & robot to the server room, and Adobe Premier Pro to connect everything together:)


Hey… I didn’t know we were in 3020 now! The scenes look soooo good, and I hope you’ll link the video when/if it’s done!

Yeah! Can’t wait to show you guys the result!