Project 3 - the scoop - further instructions?


I’ve put this question in Javascript: Objects II though it does not really belong there. It seemed the most appropriate. Im really surprised there is no category for Javascript “Project 3 - The Scoop” for the class Building Web APIs from scratch.

Maybe Im looking in the wrong place?

Im a bit stuck on this one, it feels like there are some missing instructions. Ive added the new comments, and nextcomments to the database object, as well as the new routes to the route object. But Im still missing some pieces to the route objects. Here is what I have so far:

  '/comments/:id': {
  '/comments/:id/upvote': {
  '/comments/:id/downvote': {

clearly I need the functions that the keys are mapped to. So I assume that Im supposed to mimic the logic of the functions associated with the Article functions? Am I correct in this assumption?



You will need to take this up with your instructor, advisor or Slack channel as we have no access to the project.


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