Progression lost

Hi everyone,

I started the Javascript course today.
After some lessons I went back to my home page, but when i came back on codeAcademy, my progression had not been saved.
A strange thing is that I still have the badges I earned during this tutorial.
I read it could be caused by changing the website’s language, but I did not do that :confused:

Is there a way to get my progresison back ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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You were taking the new “Learn JavaScript” course (

Are you sure you’ve not accidentally opened up the older JavaScript course ( ?


Hello mindful_coder,

I just checked the old JavaScript course but I had never seen it before :confused:

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Ok :slight_smile:

On the page what does it say under the Learn Javascript heading ? Specifically, what does it say after Currently on: ?

What percentage figure is listed after the Resume label on the large green button ?

On the Syllabus tab, what information is listed when you click on 1 Introduction to JavaScript ? Are there any green checkmarks and percentages ?


Here’s what I captured :

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And here are the badges I earned. You can clearly see that I finished the functions lesson.

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Thanks for all the extra information about your problem.

Sorry, I can’t offer any explanation at the moment, but hopefully one of the more experienced moderators will see this thread and step in with a possible solution.


I hope so :wink:

Thank you for your help !


I also have had this problem, I finished the HTML and CSS course, but now when I look at it, they are 2 different courses and I have no progress in any of them

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A follow up question to losing progress that’s been made. I had enjoyed a week of “free” trial of _PRO course during which I made a lot of progress with ReactJS, however, as soon as trial ended the access was removed (which is expected) but all the progress is now locked behind offer to begin paid _PRO. I am not ready to switch to paid _PRO but expect to at least retain access to what I had covered already. Otherwise why offer a free trial??!