Progression bar is bugged

Ahoy there!

Just logged into and this is what showed up.

I haven’t completed the Javascript course, nor have I completed the PHP one.

But, this doesn’t effect the actual progress, I guess the page is just bugged up.

Please do something about, as soon as you guys can :slight_smile:

P.S: The servers have been particularly slooowww these couple of days.

Isn’t happening to me. Best guess, you’re either on a device that isn’t compatible with the website, or you flipped your screen(vertical to horizontal), and it didn’t format. Refreshing the page or using a PC/ device that works with Codecademy might help. As for the servers, I think that also is a problem from your side. WiFi maybe?

Hey … thanks for the early respons.

I haven’t flipped my screen … also, the device I use (IMac) worked perfectly fine before. I’ve refreshed several times too.

Wifi is definitely not an issue … 1Gbps seems fast enough for codecademy :grin:

Huh…not sure what’s up then. Although, I did notice you are on the completed skills portion of the page rather than the in-progress portion. Also, I do know that some courses are being removed/ and or updated so that may have to do with something.

I have the same issue, I even changed the browser but the problem persist…

UPDATE: It’s no longer a problem for me.

I simply clicked on one of the bugged progression bars and did some exercises and then, when i reloaded the progression page … everything sorted out properly.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile: