Progress keeps resetting in path

Hi there, I am a pro member enrolled in the full stack path and today I saw, again, my progress go down from > 40% to around 30%. This has already happened at least a couple times previously. Is this because once again they added a lot of basic links and articles to click through? If that is the case, this is starting to get tiring. I understand the path was recently created and the syllabus needed some adjustments, however if they are constantly making additions that reset our progress significantly, it makes it feel like the finish line is being shifted constantly and perhaps the people in charge don’t really have a solid grasp of what the syllabus is trying to accomplish. I don’t mean to sound hostile or ranting, so please take my words as constructive criticism; as an end user who is trying to work through this career path, I do find this issue to be frustrating and I would like to know what are the reasons for the constant changes and resets in our progress.

Hey, @t4ng0 welcome to the forums. There was recently an update to the web development paths. That’s why your % went down. See the update log here.

Well, there was an update a couple months ago, and another one before that, etc. They just keep adding more and more. And they don’t seem to be significant, productive additions, just very small articles and links here and there. I would appreciate if they could keep a more solid syllabus and update it only once or twice per year. The way this is going, they just continually shift the requirements to finish the course.

a big amount of the progess reset is due to newly written introduction pages and lesson reviews. That means that regaining your progress will be much faster than the first time.
With a progess of 30-40% I think it is worth following the new path, but the old path is still there. You can go back to it with all your previous progress still in place.

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You can not go to the old path, it gives you bad gateway message. Also, I do see it’s a lot of introduction pages and lesson reviews, etc.; many of those I had already clicked through and they probably just changed a word or two. It’s just a huge waste of time to have to backtrack and click over and over so many times for no knowledge gain at all.

I’m currently doing the old path. It’s called “Full-Stack-Engineer (Version 2021)”. And it is in my courses panel under the new path. How did you try to get there when you got the bad gateway?

I tried from the link @how_to_program shared in his comment. I just saw the 2021 version in my courses panel and got my progress back to 45, thank you, @mirja_t .

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In regards to the bad gateway error, one of the Codecademy team posted over on Discord that they were experiencing some degraded performance and that the team was looking into it. Looks like it’s back up for me but just very slow for now…