Progress in C

Hi All
I’m wondering if there are any plans to expand on the Learn C (and learn C++) programming languages.
I’ve been plodding along in the former and it seems there are a few things missing and some other issues (I’ve reported them using the report option).
Is the course in review or is it due one? I’d love to see a more advanced courses on those two languages.
As this is my second year with CodeCademy I want to say, thank you so much for delivering such a great platform for learning!
Also I’m posting here because there isn’t anywhere else for posts relating to C.

They are making an intermediate C++ course. You can view the road map here. Also, I made a post question a C categorize

Hi Ethan

Thank you for sharing the roadmap, that looks very promising! It’s quite exciting for me to see these developments in the pipelines.
Again thank you for your response.

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