Progress completely out of control!


well.. i`ve coded a bit yesterday, an in all of sudden my Python AND htmlbars(courses) have completely finished! (100%)

i haven`t finished python at all and I hadn´t touched HTML in 5 month!!

What is this bug about?? I can't submit this bug anywhere else, so i`m writing here. please help!


Yes, I am having the same problem. I put a post in the community platform problem as well. Here it is: Post


It was a problem for me too.

I simply clicked on one of the bugged progression bars and did some exercises and then, when i reloaded the progression page .. everything sorted out properly.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:


as soon as you try to fix it it gets fixed without my direct input... :smile_cat:

i really hope ca will fix this asap, as the progress is my main motivation to learn on this site :grin: