Programs that can be used on a 2012 macbook pro

hello community!

Heres my issue long story short.

im running into the issue where my computers running software is too old to update on the macbook pro series. (cannot upgrade to “Big Sur” apple update) due to my computer being a late 2012.

i have free versions of sublime text, a C++ program i dont think i downloaded the right file lol
and a free python launcher that wont actually launch python, > help < lol.

another issue is im noticing a lot of the current coding programs are having to run off the (big sur) update. Not wanting to have to manually update;

what are suggestions i can look into in the mean time while i try and find a solution to my problem?

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If you don’t want to update your OS you can always use an online service like for writing code.
So long as your browser still works you’ll be fine.

Otherwise, I’d suggest updating to the most recent version of MacOS that supports your computer.

Personally, with a Mac that old I’d probably switch it over to a lightweight flavor of Linux to make it run like brand new again. BUT, I wouldn’t recommend doing so if you don’t know what you’re doing or if it’s your only device. If you tried and messed it up, the Apple store would not help you fix it.


Ya the lastest OS I have for this is OSX 10.9.5, and the only way to update the os is a third party patch that id be able to manually replace which i dont know how to do also lol.

thank you for getting back :slight_smile:

You can always upgrade to Mojave or Catalina if you want to keep using Mac OS and have a supported version for a few more years:


wow! thank you so much! upon further inspection i have a ( mid 2012) mac.

thank you very much for the help! :slight_smile:


Jonh S

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