Helllo I 'm new to programming but understand the language of javascript. Although I only understand the basic javascript programming language. I would love to here people's opinions on javascript.


From a beginner perspective, JavaScript is fairly easy to learn, but it doesn't end there. Today JS is an extremely robust programming environment, especially ES6. The language is very powerful, even if it does have limitations. It's the de facto language of most browsers and is already built in so we don't need any other software. A browser and a text editor is all we need.

The technologies emerging around JS are amazing. Twitter Bootstrap.js, Facebook React.js, Google Angular.js, Node.js, jQuery, Process.js, etc. The list goes on. A person can specialize in just this one language and become a master of the frameworks and libraries associated with it.

JavaScript used to be a language that made people cringe. That is no longer the case. People love this language, and for good reason. It just keeps getting better, all the time.