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I have finished a few courses in Codecademy on my alt acc and was fretting up my skills on this account and I am nearly finished so I started using Notepad, which I hate, and I am looking for a programming editor interface similar to Codecademy any suggestions?

Depends on the language…

Eclipse is a good one, but for languages other than Java, you need to load in the languages which, in some cases, can be a pain.

A good universal tool would be Notepad++, found here.

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I would prefer something with a vast array of languages since I have done Java(Script as well), HTML, Python, Ruby, CSS, learning C++, JQuery and a few others that they offer.

Well typically, you need to download the languages in any kind of IDE that you’re using. I think that Atom may be good for you if you like the multiple tab thing with JQuery and JS, etc. For python and Java, I use jGRASP, and it’s not necessarily nice looking or similar to the editor in codeCademy, but I really like it because of it’s simplicity. You can also do C++, C, Objective C, VHDL, etc.
I don’t know that you’ll find something that’s exactly like the codecademy editor, bc I know it’s a really nice interface, but I know people have asked this question before and I haven’t seen an answer.
Anywho, I really suggest Atom for your JS languages.
I hope you find what you’re looking for.


Thanks, I downloaded it and I like it a lot although I found Sublime Text which I am debating is the better editor as Sublime is the closest I have found to CAcademy although there are features which make me livid at times.


Sublime text is definitely an option for your purposes. You can also try Notepad++, which is great for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and really any language, as it offers most of them, from Python to Java, and anything in between.

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sublime is fine, you can also consider atom, it is similar to sublime, except it is free, open source and developed by developers for developers.

Are you going to run windows? You could consider visual studio (non free), but it is a complete IDE.

i would install compilers for C++, and then just use a text-editor. I don’t have a clue for Java


While visual studio is great… It does take up a lot of space, and typically runs very slowly, at least for me.

I have tried atom and sublime consistently over the last three days, as well as Notepad++, I immediately ruled out notepad and was brought to the question: Sublime or Atom?
Atom was a lot more customisable which I enjoyed but sublime felt slightly more refined and slightly simpler to use initially.
Price you mentioned that Sublime costs money but with slightly more research I discovered that it costs money when it is used for commercial uses which I allowed me to use it for free and Atom is, of course, free.
To final up the customising effect that atom introduces is greatly appreciated by me but I still love Sublime Text

This has already been asked somewhere on here, and if you do a bit of searching, you’ll find the old answers :slight_smile:

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