Programming terms

To understand the meaning of Run,Return and function call and other programming terms. Is it better to use a Computer Science Dictionary or an English dictionary on google to find the meaning of programming terms?


Either works. Google usually has more answers though sometimes Computer Science dictionary is better because Google can be unreliable. It just depends.

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What should I do if the meaning of a programming term is not in an English dictionary on google? An example of a programming term is Return and there is no meaning of that programming term in an English dictionary on google.

There are two parts to this: return is most certainly in the english dictionary, understanding what it means (return = handing something back), then you need to understand how its used within programming, for which you can consult the documentation of the programming language you are using.

This means reading explanations, looking at examples and fiddling with these examples.


Is that the way to find the meaning of the programming term return? Can I do the same way to find the meaning of other programming terms?

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what is wrong with googling, reading documentation/tutorials and fiddling with examples? You could watch youtube videos as well


Does execute mean to carry out an instruction in a computer program? Am I right yes or no?

This is the Central Processing Unit, or CPU. … The job of the CPU is to execute programs . A program is simply a list of unambiguous instructions meant to be followed mechanically by a computer . A computer is built to carry out instructions that are written in a very simple type of language called machine language.

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How can a computer actually run?

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Ever had or seen a dog that loved nothing more than to chase a ball? Everytime it was thrown they would retrieve it, bring it back and drop it, readying to chase it down once again.

That is a computer. Always ready to chase the ball. Electronically it’s a bit complicated to explain, but think of a key ring. There is always a next key on the right. It’s this kind of loop that a computer is caught in. It only stays alive if it can keep up this loop, indefinitely.

A motherboard is typically equipped with a ROM that is the starting program when the power is turned on. Voltage trickles through the circuitry and tickles a starting address in the ROM that starts the ball rolling. Instructions in machine code always know where the next instruction lives before they execute. That way when they’re done, the computer knows where to go for the next instruction. In the key ring example, each key knows where the next one is.

We’ll be chasing down a rabbit hole if I continue, but you get the gist…


Does to execute a computer program mean to peform a computer program Am I right yes or no?