Programming Languages Project

I think you are incorrect because all the other methods that was there from before is in Language.cs furthermore i think its bad practice to define the methods in program.cs because it makes it more difficult to make changes later and if you have a lot of methods program.cs will get chaotic.

you can see what to do in my comment right above your comment :wink:

there is only one method defined in language and it’s Prettify because all languages will use it. And since they taught us to do it that way earlier AND the fact that it worked like a charm, i’m thinking that it was the right way. but to be honest, having a moderator to tell us if we are right or wrong would be the best. @mtf

Hi, if you read my comments you will find the solution to this if you have not solved it already.

public static void PrintAll(IEnumerable<Object> sequence)
            foreach (var prints in sequence)

And in main to call the method


In your first task you created something like this:

var stringLanguage = languages.Select(languagePrint => $"{languagePrint.Year} {languagePrint.Name} {languagePrint.ChiefDeveloper}");

The thing is that all these methods are create for Languages.cs if example we had a different file called somethingelse.cs the methods for that file would be created inside it. Btw if you look at my comments i have solved everything and enhanced the code to make it better.

Has anyone got any intel on q8?! Struggling with this. Frustrating as it’s slightly different to no7 but I guess i’m going wrong with the syntax for the comparisons operators.

So far I have;

var newLang = languages

.Where (x => x.Year => 1995 && x.Year <= 2005)

.Select(x => x.Year.Count());


Any help greatly appreciated!


For those wondering in future this worked:

var newLang = languages

.Where (x => (x.Year >= 1995 && x.Year <= 2005));



Finsihed my project anyfeedback please specially on step 10 or 11 or 12
Programming Languages using c#