Programming language dilema


hi there,im new here and im having a bit of a problem starting with one programming language,appreciate any help i can get


What is the problem? Making a choice in the available languages? What would you like to learn?


Thanks 4 d reply,ud love to knw how to build games especially


Games is such a broad term.

There are a couple of good engines like Unreal engine 4, which uses c++, then there is unity which uses c# (please verify this, not certain)

if you have a simple 2d game, you might want to use something simpler (maybe pygame?), again, so many options and a couple of languages and tools available

if you want a game for a website, webGL is the way to go.

but games are difficult to make, i would first focus on learning programming.


You should try pygame (pygame is not a course) or try c# (which is a course)