Programming in 2018! the year of JavaScript?

Hey all!

So I currently only use HTML, CSS, JavaScript &jQuery, PHP, SQL
so for awhile I have been telling myself I need to expand learn more etc 2018 rolled in pretty quickly and I said I’m not wasting any more time !

I’ve been looking at JS frameworks to learn, I tried Angular but it didn’t go to well so I sat back and carried on with what I was doing. React & node has been popping in and out of my head for awhile so I decided to finally stop prolonging and start learning!

I was even thinking of Ruby and maybe even python, but then talking with a few people and reading up I decided to start with React!

Now that codecademy has a whole load of JS courses out its awesome !

On simple programmers blog, he posted top programming languages to learn in 2018 and JS is at the top!

This medium post talks about the top frameworks/libraries for JS in 2018

There’s a pro intensive course starting soon:

Building frontend web apps from scratch, learning JavaScript & ReactJS

There’s also a free course by Codecademy if you can’t go for pro:

Node - SQL light

I am learning Java Script as well. I learned a lot of it on Khan academy which is a very good sight and I would recommend it for learning Java Script. I just started here yesterday I am doing java script on code academy. I haven’t decided which is better. You could try Khan yourself.

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ON Khan academy to do text you do text(); but on here you do console.log(); do you know which one is right

I do not know anything about programming, I do not know if I can learn basic C ++
are not. If you learn C ++ finish, I have to learn how more software, please advice me. Thank you