Programming Environment in Learn Python: Datetimes Video

Hi Everyone,

I’m curios to know what is the development environment Mike is using in Datetimes Video, I’m using windows 10, I’ve already installed Git Bash and link it to GitHub as showing in the previous lessons (as I understand Git Bash is not the right tool for developing and executing python programs), I installed latest python on my PC (3.8), but I’m not getting how to work in “the development environment” like in the video!
I’ve created an empty text file and paste the following text in it

from datetime import datetime

current_time =


Then save it with .py as file extension, so I got the .py file and original text file, run windows cmd where I saved the files and if I type > python3 I got nothing!

What is the best way for an absolute beginner in programming to work with python in windows 10

Any help would be really appreciated


One way or another you’ll ask python to run your file, which environment you happen to do that from is irrelevant

so you’d run it from whatever environment you happen to be using

windows users might struggle a bit because they’re not used to passing arguments to programs, they’re only used to clicking some icon and getting some gui with more buttons to click

python ships with IDLE, a simple text editor with buttons for invoking the interpreter, it probably only exists for the above reason

If you’re referring to the code editor he’s using, it looks to me like Visual Studio Code.

Thank you, this editor looks good, I’ll give it a try. I was searching for IDEs for python and found many including PyCharm which seems good and easy to use so far.

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PyCharm is a popular one, for sure, though I haven’t used it personally. :slight_smile:

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