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Hey everyone, what are your thoughts on the best computer for programming? Currently I’m working on front-end web development but hope to do some backend stuff and write a program (eventually…baby steps I keep telling myself).

I have a work computer that’s a Mac and an older Windows computer as a personal. I’m thinking of replacing the older Windows with a computer that will be my main coding computer. Should I stick with Windows or roll with Apple?


Doesn’t truly matter. Gonna come down to your personal preference.
I like unix-y type OS e.g. mac and linux for a bunch of reasons.

No common OS will limit you - and most hardware is good enough to get the job done on a non business scale.

Sorry for the opened ended answer - but have some comfort knowing you cant go terribly wrong


Thanks! This is very helpful. I think the Mac OS has done a great job selling me on their stuff, but I can remember being told at an earlier age that “Windwos is the best for programmers.” Glad to know that this either isn’t the case or Mac caught up.

I do want to build out my own Computer one day, and I’ll probably do Windows at that point.

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