Programming a routing protocol in Python


I want to make a simple routing protocol similar to OSPF (or at least modify an existed one) in python. I found many protocols written in other languages, but I only know Python.

Also, I want to make some evaluations while increasing the number of nodes in the network in order to assess my protocol, such as: throughput, transmission time, delay, number of packets sent, etc. There are many Open-source simulators to do that efficiently such as NS3, but they don’t use Python.

I made a research on the Internet, and I found the following packages/tools, but I don’t know if they can help me and how to use them:

  • Scapy (Packet crafting for Python2 and Python3),

  • Pymote (A high-level Python library for simulation of distributed algorithms).

I need your helps in this regard, any suggestion is welcomed.

Thank you

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