Programmes for building websites

Hi I’m quite new to coding and i’m following the courses on here to build websites. I was just wondering which programmes are the best to build websites on. I originally had Dreamweaver and found that a good way of practising however it was expensive is there any others i should consider before reverting back to Dreamweaver? .

Thanks in advance.

I use atom for my coding. And then use the browser to see the progress.

I use visual studio code. I really like it

I’ve used both Atom and Visual Studio Code, and presently my preference is for VSC but with the Atom key-map extension. :slight_smile:

(Only kind of related, as I don’t know whether it’s still the case, but didn’t Dreamweaver used to be a WYSIWYG? )

I love VSC. The extensions make it. The live server extension allows you to see the website change in realtime. also simple things like auto closing tags, different color {}.
when you get into more advanced web certain extensions have snippets that add boilerplate code.

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Thanks for the replies, I’ve been told about VSC is it easy to use for beginners?