Programmer Orientation

Hi everyone,
I am a high school senior, as you know we have school off recently because of the Covid-19 so I have time and a chance to learn some HTML, CSS, Java script on Codecademy. If I finish all the lesson from the website which is web development, do I get a certification or be able to take a test to certify to get a job as a web development or any other code language?

Hey @mega8064617063, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, at this present time, CodeCademy does not award certificates on the completion of a course or path. You can read through this topic below if you would like a little more information:

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No, but the capstones are great for your portfolio! Definitely start building up your portfolio now. It is really good that you are starting to code at this time. You can become an expert in a couple years and begin doing advanced projects and making money from coding before you even graduate college. I definitely wish I would’ve started younger. The sky is the limit