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I want to keep the code I use in each step by writing it onto a .py programme on my laptop, which has a similar layout to the one we use (coding on the left and display on the right). What should I download?

Thank you!


You need to download from the python website (, for writing the code you could use anything, i would choice atom (

then you can execute python scripts from command line and write code in atom, just put the windows side by side or find a atom plugin which gives a command line within atom.


Thank you very much for the quick response!



Let me know if you need further help with this process


As a matter of fact, I will need help after all haha. didn’t really understand the process of opening the right panel (code output visualization).


There are two options: finding a package for atom so you can run the code inside atom

use command line (cmd) to execute the scripts. This requires navigating to the right directory and then executing the python script with: python


Also, and sorry to bother you again, colors. I find it easier to learn if the code is color-coded, as we can see on the website. I investigated a little and downloaded a package that is supposed to do that, and whereas it says that it’s being used, everything is still grey :smile:


inside atom? Atom should have color highlight by default


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