Program to automate boring paperwork (legal)

Currently for divorce work, I go into the prewritten file and click CTRL+F and search for the next blank to fill in with the correct information. How would I go about making a program to fill in the information, click enter, and it automatically complete the papers for me? .docx format. I am lost on how to do this but eager to do it. I’m imagining cutting down 30 minutes of boring typing down to 30 seconds.
Actually, I do have an idea how to do it, I know it’ll be based on variables, that kind of stuff, but anyone who has experience making programs for themselves for automation, please give an overview of what I am looking to do. As this will be my very first program (and I don’t want to practice with useless programs, I want to jump straight into making the program/more of a script that I need for myself.)

I don’t want to rant, but I know 90% of you who read this will just move on without replying. That is why I want to tell you while I can how pathetic the internet has become. Used to be a place where everyone was eager to help eachother, like a virtual city with millions of hubs from intelligent, skilled people around the world ready to help their fellow human. Now it is nothing but memeing and TRASH with the good knowledgable people not sharing their knowledge. Help a brother out.

Given you are working in Office, it follows you have Excel close at hand. Create a table with all the column headings that match your template file fields. Can’t say for sure but it makes sense that those fields can be linked to the table.