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Why are there two places to change personal details:






Please read


Thank you again Leonhard. This is very accurate.

However the issue is that when as user does the following:
1. Clicks profile picture in top right.
2. Selects settings icon.
3. Scrolls to Profile Picture.
4. Tries to change Profile Picture; there is no option to do this.

The only way to do this is to:
1. Google "change profile picture on codecademy".
2. Select the first result.
3. Go to the link provided, which brings you to this page: - which is completely different to the one through the profile picture in the top left.


You will have to keep in mind
that learning is core business of the CODECADEMY project....
the leading user authorization DataBase is held by
and if you are in an exercise, =clicking= on the profile-icon will present
you with the aliased to your UAF entry.

This =discussion= forum is an add-on
which uses the leading-UAF
but also provides its own extra authorization-levels


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