Profile Picture Issues


Every one or two weeks, my profile image will vanish and I'll have to go in to my preferences and set it back. But this time, I can't change my image, the popup that lets me pick where my image comes from is gone. Does anyone know how to solve this?


What type of image are you trying to upload?


I've previously been using my Gravatar image, but now I can't upload anything.
And the code for the area controlling my avatar doesn't look like it lets me edit anything either:

<div class="control-group pref-avatar">
  <label class="control-label">Profile Picture</label>
  <div class="controls">
    <img alt="" src="//" class="avatar" height="120" width="120">

No event listeners, the <label> doesn't have a for attribute, nothing :/.


We use SSO -- So is your Codecademy account linked to a verified account such as Facebook, Twitter or Gmail? If so, it will show whatever profile image you have set there.

Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager


@alexcommunitymgr I've considered trying that a couple times, but I'm not comfortable with some of the permissions required for Twitter:

  • See who you follow, and follow new people.
  • Update your profile.
  • Post Tweets for you.

But the problem is on this site,, not the main site where my profile image is showing up fine.


So you can confirm that you have not used any of our verified account options: twitter, facebook or gmail?


I let Codecademy use Twitter once a while back, then decided I wasn't happy with it getting those permissions, and revoked Twitters access.
I signed up and currently log in using my Codecademy username and password though, not using a third party account.


Great, thanks for clarifying. I am looking into this issue.


@alexcommunitymgr I just got the pen icon back next to my profile photo & set it back to Gravatar again - did anybody change anything?


@alexcommunitymgr My profile picture just vanished again :/.


@alexcommunitymgr I have this problem too.
My original profile picture on CC was a .gif which might explain why it doesnt show properly on here.
I then changed my picture on CC to a .png in the hope it would change on here but it hasn't. And i do not have an edit button to upload a new one on discourse directly.

I've never used twitter, facebook, etc. to log in.


Hey all -- looking into it.

Thanks for your patience.
Thank you,
-Codecademy Community Manager


@alexcraig Try logging out and back in, then going into preferences and uploading your photo. I just tried it and it worked for me.
@alexcommunitymgr Maybe something for you to note if anyone else starts having profile picture issues.


Wow it's so much nicer having my picture here again instead of a blank circle :smile:


I changed some settings in the back end. It should be working now :smiley:


Oh, so I guess it wasn't the logging out/in that fixed it :)
Thanks for working on it!


Hi, I don't have the same problem as @zystvan but I still have a profile picture issue: It does NOT appear on this page. In the sense that I have the magnifying glass on the top of this page, or the thing to search with, the the three lines on the top of this page, or the settings thing, and next to the three lines thing, or in other words we could say the settings thing, is...nothing. Is this normal? Or is this just a new thing that I missed? :confused:


I am replying to myself because my profile picture has just reappeared and I am very happy :smile:
P.S. I have absolutely no idea how it happened!


Update: My profile image is gone again :(


Yay! My profile picture is back again! I had tried logging out and back in to the forums, but that didn't work, so I followed @jibblyj's suggestion and logged out here, re-uploaded my picture on the main site, and logged back in over here, and everybody can see who I am again now :)