Professionals please read


What languages should I learn to be successful in the IT industry?


It depends what part of the industry you want to get it into, Id say anything is worth learning as its learning how to learn that is the main learning curve with code (in my opinion)


Like If you want to get the Web Industry Choose JS,PHP,ASP.Net and so on,
Often you need to learn two or more languages to master one field like,
In webdesign, You gotta learn CSS, JS, JQuery and Othr plugins like Bootstrap, Foundation, Sass, Less etc, along side HTML to master Web Designing. o.O (IKR Even I thought HTML is all I need to learn to master Web but NUH =P )

Coming to game Industry,
Well uh you could take over one profession, but if you're into Indie Game Dev, then you gotta have more skills like 3D Modelling(Includes Texturing ,Sculpting etc acc. to your requirements), and Animation, Graphics UI Design, Level Designing, Audio editing, Programming, And many more....

So to learn one you gotta learn many others too, but The option depends on you, What your goals are, what you wanna change etc etc


Keefyboo is mostly correct. In IT you will never stop having to learn new things, so right now it's less important to care about which languages you're learning. Instead you should care about learning the concepts of programming, and learning how to learn in the most basic way. 80% of your learning process in programming will be learning what programming is in the first place. After that, you will be able to learn new languages and frameworks very quickly. So again, don't worry yourself so much about picking the "right" languages in the beginning.


Okay thanks guys. Right now I'm starting with java on codeacademy and I'm really liking it. I already know HTML and CSS from high school. But I think I wan't to go into the web design industry.