Proceeding along the lessons


I finished the Intro to For loops section and the Rock Paper Scissors game. Unforetunately my computer will not let me proceed. Each time I log onto codecademy now I am thrown back into the functions section, not even the rock, paper, scissors game. I know my code passed and was allowed by codecademy to continue but now there seems to be a problem. Please tell me there is a way to not have to go through those lessons again!


I ran into this issue after finishing one day and beginning the next.

Go back to the codecademy homepage, then scroll down to the Java lessons (Direct link here if you like: ) and instead of selecting continue, scroll down and make sure all previous lessons are ticked off.

For some reason, I had a lesson at 96%. Clicking continue took me to that lesson and I just completed it. I'm unsure why it never saved. Once they were all ticked off, I went back and tried continue again, and it took me to where I left off.


According to other examples that may be caused by skipping an exercise without pressing the submit button. Could you check that this is not the case with your problem?