Problemwith this exercise 7 adding image to html


Replace this line with your code.


Want to change the photo that the image element displays? Simply set the value of src to a different photo's URL.

Here's another photo:

Replace the current photo with this one and click Run.

i am following with these instructions but there comes no photo and cant move forward to the nest lesson


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2 posts were split to a new topic: 7. I'm stuck on lesson 7-2


Are you doing like this?

<img src="" >


i wrote the code tens of times but it was showing error and was not moving forward...
in my case there was a broken image appearing in the browser side i opened the brokem image and it said that the image does not exist.. but the same link works here as i posted here,, i copied the url from the above image which posted here


Can I have the link to the exercise that's making the problem?




A post was split to a new topic: 7. I'm stuck at the second activity


yeah but how do you do that


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