Problems With Three Questions Lesson


I’m having trouble with the three questions string. I input the “%s” and “%” and I followed the directions, but it just gives me a block of text and errors.

It’s confusing me, because it provides me with all of the code already and gives me the task of simply inputting those bits.

Strings and Console Output


Is it this lesson?

String Formatting with %


Yes! I got to the final page and it wouldn’t work. Unless it’s expecting me to remember a step and I’m just being a derp haha

string_1 = "Camelot"
string_2 = "place"

print "Let's not go to %s. 'Tis a silly %s." % (string_1, string_2)
name = raw_input("What is your name?")
quest = raw_input("What is your quest?")
color = raw_input("What is your favorite color?")

print "Ah, so your name is %s, your quest is %s, " \
"and your favorite color is %s." % (name, quest, color)

Study the above examples and compare to your own.


I just compared, it’s the same exact. I just typed my name in, but when I hit enter, it popped up the rest of the questions with error text mixed in


I just tried doing the lesson in Microsoft Edge and it worked. Somebody else apparently had the same problem and changed browsers, apparently Google Chrome can sometimes not cooperate with the console


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