Problems with Redirecting in Wanderlust project

Attached are some photos of what I currently have, I’ve double checked what I have with what the directions are as well as remade a different account on foursquare and the openweather apis.

When I copy/paste the urlToFetch that I’m requesting it’s logging to the console like it’s supposed to if the response is ok. I used the JSONVIEW to parse the data from the URL, and it tells me that I have an invalid authorization. It asks me to look at:

When I look at it, it talks about user or userless authorizations. I’m unsure of how to fix this problem at this point.

If you look at the URL in your bottom screenshot, you’ll notice that it is incomplete. Look at the section explore?near=...UR3H - the ellipsis ... isn’t meant to be there.

As a result, that URL you’ve used there is “broken” - it’s missing the API credentials (your client_id and client_secret parameters) and so FourSquare are refusing to give you the information you’ve asked for. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I thought that the ellipsis was just something that truncated the address just so it didn’t show all of it? Why is my console.log giving me a value with an ellipsis? I guess I’ll have to look into ellipsis (the . . .).

Yes, in the console addresses are truncated in that fashion… but Chrome does not. If the URL is too long to fit in the address bar, Chrome will add an ellipsis at the end to indicate the address continues beyond the bounds of the box, not in the middle.

If you expand the response in the console, you should be able to obtain the full URL and place that into JSONView.

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I had to expand the console window almost the whole screen to copy it, but I got it. Thank you

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