Problems with payment

Hi, my name is Kyryl Burmachenko. I had a profile on codecademy pro, but at
the beginning of the last week you blocked me at my request. Although
it is payment system continues to send request for payment $ 20 per
card, which is paid for one month. The fact that I am a student from Ukraine and every dollar is
important for my life. Perhaps the reason is that the account is blocked
before payment system reported and now it asks to remove money for
another month. What is the problem? why payment system wants to withdraw money

Hello, when I looked you up via email it appears that your card has failed and has been declined a few times. Once this happens over 5 times, we “pause” your Pro account (which revokes Pro access) until you update your payment details. Therefore, you will need to update your payment details under billing preferences, under your account on Once that is done, it should automatically resume your access to Pro.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager