Problems with Payment by Visa

I have problem with my payment by using Visa, I am using verified student account and I used my credit card to try 7 trial days and after that I canceled my pro account but 2 days later I decided to purchase annual bill but the system announced that I need to check the card information even I tried 3 different cards (one is mine, others belong to my friends, included the card I used successfully for 7 trial days).


  • I checked with my issued bank and there is no problem with my bank account
  • I used that card to pay for my sister’s new account which doesn’t have any previous payment but the payment kept being rejected

I need to join a coming project so I’m carving for using Pro account for my studying before it. Please help me to check it.

You’ll need to contact codecademy directly for this sort of issue- Codecademy Help Center or Submit a request – Codecademy Help Center


Thank you for helping, I did contact but I followed it and checked with my issuing bank but it still didn’t work, I emailed them but they haven’t replied yet :(( my project is coming and I still haven’t finished my studying yet T.T

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