Problems with lesson "Font Weight" from Learn CSS: Selectors and Visual Rules


So, in this lesson I had to select all paragraphs and make them bold. I had applied:

font-weight: bold;


the task it’s very simple and yet, when I hit the run button this message appears: “Did you set the ‘p’ selector around line 32 to have a font weight of bold?” I have done exactly this, on the line 32 I have the p selector to which I applied the font-weight:bold. It’s very frustrating since I can’t move forward and I am stuck at this lesson :(.
Any ideas? Please!



You are the second topic seeing that’s having this problem.

Have you tried resetting the exercise ?
Changing browsers ?

Let me know so I know if this needs to be taken further

If the above doesn’t solve it,

I would need to know the following:

Are you using a home/work/school computer ?
What browser are you using along with version


Hey! Thank you so much for your recommendation! I have tried to reset it several times with no success. I was using Mozzila as a browser. Now that you have mention it, I tried Chrome and it worked! Thank you so much for your help!


No problem.

Glad I could assist.

Happy Learning :green_book:


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