Problems with interactivity of Codecademy code panel

Hello I’m currently experiencing some problems when I try to run the code to test it in the panel.
I’m currently on the full- stack course. I cannot test any coding on the key piano proyect and in some exercises of event handlers of the DOM (I put the pages after the link to the proyect).

if there any flash incompatibility, you got any suggestion of how I should proceed?

I have been experiecing similar problems since I started the:

DOM events with Javascript.

I cannot check the result of my code in:

-Event handler registration (pag 3)
-Event object prperties (page 6)
-Event types (page 7)
-Mouse events (page 8)
-Key Piano Proyect

are you on a Mac? what web browser are you using? Do you have any plugins installed on the web browser?
So, when you press “run”, nothing happens in the lessons? do you get an error message?

Did you see this? It might help: Troubleshooting Guide

I’m using Windows 10.
Usually Google Chrome, but I tried Microsoft Edge and got the same problem.
No, neither of the web browser I tried have any plugin.
I press run and the code is saved, but when you click in the corresponding areas of the html (buttons etc…) nothing happens.
The lesson check the step correctly but I cannot tried the code as suggested.
No there is not error message or alert from the page.

I will try to update the browser and see what happens.
Thank for the guide :slight_smile: