Problems with console output

hey i have a question , i had a little break and now i try to code again but it seems that i cant typ anything in the console.

this is my code for now ,

i write a text to ask for a password.
and then i added a string passw with Console.ReadLine() , but when i run it i get no errors but it does not let me type a password,

i looked at internet and in the old code , but it seems to be right , but im stuck now and idk what to do.
hope someone can help me , thanks

Hi this should work, try refreshing the page or something. Could you share a link to the exercise as well?

not working for me (even after refreshing etc), here is my code :

Yea that code works! I meant link to the exercise (so we could see if there’s a bug).

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It’s quite possible that this exercise doesn’t have an interactive terminal, which means it’s read only…


But it says this so i think i should be working right? (see photo)


Code editor is where you write the code, not the console.

Hey tvr85229,

Did you ever resolve this?

I am also unable to type into the console in the C# projects.