Problems with code academy connectivity

Curious if anyone else has trouble with code academy connectivity. My wifi isn’t the best but I don’t generally lose connectivity to a given page and can stream high def with no lag, but for whatever reason my connection to code academy is frequently interrupted. This makes the courses frustrating, focus breaking and difficult to gain momentum. Anyone have this issue and outside of setting up a wifi extender (Ordered and being shipped) are there any tips?

Hi there! I’ll make sure to share your feedback with the team. In the meantime, have you tried connecting with our Customer Support team?

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Maybe try:

thanks for your response! The issue is the persistence of the interruptions, so while reloading the page often works, I find I have to do so multiple times per page. I’ve ordered a mesh wifi network extender so maybe that will help. It’s odd that it is just this site though, I stream video with no lag. Oh well. I’ll post back in the thread if the extender works!

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