Problems with Achievment!

Hi, I have a problem with mine validations: It’s still 1% on HTML and CSS BUT i have finish Networking Profile​!
Can you help me, because I love this website :wink:

Kind regards,

Have you done every exercise in the course up to where you say you’ve got to?
If you have missed one out, you won’t get any achievements until you have finished the exercise.


@methodjumper76219 I’ve moved this to the Codecademy Platform Problems and Suggestions category, so it will be easier for people who can help you to find your topic :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure I did just fix the problem, I mean, I am the best, right mr moderator? :wink:

It happened to me too …

I was 32 % and now asks me to startzeroed all …

@abiltongd Does anything in this topic help you?


Sorry to break it to you… but…
(just kidding, of course ;))

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Maybe you are using a different account now? That’s an extremely common reason for lost progress.
Another is changing languages.