Problemas Tomando Cursos de Dos Idiomas


I wanted to report some issues I’ve been having using Codeacademy in two (spoken) languages. My first language is English and I’m already a developer. I wanted to take some of the simple courses on JS but in Spanish, since it’s my second language, just to learn how to talk about my work in that language. However, despite changing my language to Spanish in settings, the main page is detecting my browser as being in the US and everything is still in English. Additionally, it doesn’t place my Spanish courses in the left “Dashboard”, yet it saves the progress, so I’ve just been having to return via a bookmark. So it’s not necessarily broken, but it could be better at handling this combination. Thanks.

Queria reportar algunos problems usando Codeacademy en dos idiomas. My primer idioma es el Engles y ya soy programmador. Queria tomar algunos cursos sencillos de JS en Espanol solo para aprender como hablar de mi trabajo en ese idioma. Sin embargo, cambiando el idioma del sitio no tenia effecto, el sitio todavia detecta que mi navegador esta en el EEUU y queda en Engles. Adicionalmente, no se pone mis cursos de Espanol en el “Dashboard” de izquierda, pero recuerda mi progreso. Entonces, he estado regresando con un marcador. (Sorry for no accents, still don’t know how to type them without numpad).


The international language courses are being sunsetted so one should not expect this issue to be mitigated. If you can find a link to a Spanish course, follow it and do the exercises. Your progress will be recorded and you will have a chance to see the courses in the language you choose.