Problemas no primeiro exercício da aula 3


Olá pessoas, estou começando aqui no Codecademy e estou com problemas para encontrar qual o erro no meu código abaixo, não consigo acertar a aula 3. Alguém pode me dar uma luz?

var speed = 65;
if (speed > 80) {
	console.log("Reduza a velocidade");
else {
	console.log("Dirija com seguranca");


The solution:
Use following code

var speed = 65;

// Complete a condicao nos ()s na linha 4
if (speed >80 ) {
	// Use console.log() para exibir "Reduza a velocidade"
    console.log("Reduza a velocidade");
else {
	// Use console.log() para exibir "Dirija com seguranca"
	console.log('Dirija com seguran\u00e7a');



I got stuck in this for a long while until find out this answer to know why the heck it was going wrong!!
How could they create something like this and do not include latin characters?!?
I'm pissed off!!!


But you are becoming a good programmer
as you found a solution to the problem at hand :skull_crossbones:


google search
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javascript [your question]

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javascript [your question]

== guidance == <---JavaScript code-convention
// Liskov Substitutability Principle
// YAGNI (You Ain't Gonna Need It).

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teach yourself javascript


Oh man, so it´s kinda like a error in the code?! Well, anyways... Thx a lot you guys!


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